Dunkin' Launches Early Summer Lineup, Brings Back Butter Pecan Swirl

Believe it or not, April is almost over and that means both May — and the early part of summer — is just around the corner. With the calendar and the season headed for a change, on Wednesday Dunkin' announced their new early summer menu lineup, including fresh offerings of iced beverages to keep people cool and refreshed as weather warms. Available starting today, April 26th, customers can get the new menu lineup, which includes the new Raspberry Watermelon Dunkin' Refresher, Turtle Signature Latte, and Butter Pecan Crunch Frozen Coffee and more — and the best part is that Butter Pecan is making a permanent comeback!

According to the brand, fans have been asking for Butter Pecan to return for a long time — it's been the top-requested flavor swirl for the past decade — and now the flavor is back as a permanent menu item. It's also returning in a big way in three featured drinks. You can check it out below.

·       Butter Pecan Iced Coffee is back! This classic combines Dunkin' Original Blend Iced Coffee with Butter Pecan Swirl and will keep fans fueled for the longer days ahead.

·       NEW Turtle Signature Latte, starring Butter Pecan Swirl, harmonizes with Mocha Swirl, smooth espresso and whole milk. Crowned with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and crunchy Cocoa Caramel crumbles, this latte is built for Butter Pecan lovers. Dunkin' go-getters can enjoy it hot or iced as a reward for a job well done.  

·       NEW Butter Pecan Crunch Frozen Coffee is crafted to challenge any afternoon slump. Featuring Frozen Coffee blended with Butter Pecan Swirl and crunchy Cocoa Caramel sprinkles, the striking sip is topped with whipped cream and additional Cocoa Caramel sprinkles.

·       Guests can complete the unbeatable Butter Pecan ensemble with the NEW Butter Pecan Donut! This bakery sensation features a classic yeast donut shell filled with Butter Pecan flavored buttercreme, topped with vanilla flavored icing and topped with crunchy, sweet butternut topping.

Also coming to the menu are the new Raspberry Watermelon Dunkin Refresher and the return of Mango Pineapple. Both, as well as fan-favorite Strawberry Dragonfruit, are available with green tea, coconut milk, or the returning lemonade. As for food, there are some new items there as well, including the new Ham & Swiss Croissant Stuffer and new Iced Lemon Loaf.

"There's nothing quite like a cold drink from Dunkin," said Jill McVicar Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin'. "Our latest offerings, like the anticipated Butter Pecan Iced Coffee or the Raspberry Watermelon Dunkin' Refresher—a new flavor in one of our fastest-growing beverage categories—are perfect for those who need that extra boost to keep crushing their day."

The new early summer menu at Dunkin' is available now for a limited time.

Will you be checking out the new early summer menu at Dunkin'? Let us know in the comment section!