Hugh Jackman Shares Wolverine Wearing a Mask Art Urging Others to do the Same

If there's one thing people should be doing right now, it's wearing masks when they go out in order to protect themselves and the people around them. Unfortunately, not everyone is following this rule. Many celebrities have taken to social media to encourage their followers to do the right thing, including CVOID-19 survivor, Tom Hanks, and Halloween star, Jamie Lee Curtis, who knows a thing or two about masks. This week, Hugh Jackman took to Instagram to promote wearing masks with the help of his X-Men character, Wolverine.

"Exhibit A. Even Wolverine has to adapt his mask - to wearing a proper one. Art created by @mutant101," Jackman posted. "Exclusive version for Wolverine himself. Thank you, @thehughjackman," the artist replied. The artist, who has big X-Men connections having worked with 20th Century Studios and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin, can be followed on Instagram here. You can check out the art below:

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Exhibit A. Even Wolverine has to adapt his mask - to wearing a proper one. Art created by @mutant101.

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"Second in a series. Wear. A. Mask. Empathy is that easy," @mutant101 wrote in their original post. "@thehughjackman Thanks for all the support of my first piece. And thanks to @vancityreynolds for sharing it. Despite what Jackman says, he seems really nice. Oh. And keep the DMs coming. I think I've responded to everyone who asked for a copy to share. For any of this series, don't hesitate."

This isn't Jackman's first time encouraging people to wear masks. Back in May, the actor posted a picture of himself wearing one while on a bike ride. The coronavirus pandemic has put healthcare workers on the frontline of a battle to keep as many people as possible healthy, so Jackman recently took note when he saw the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flight squad and the U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds flying to pay tribute to those healthcare workers. He took a short video and shared the shot on Twitter, which you can check out here.

Jackman and Ryan Reynolds recently amused their fans by calling a temporary truce in their long-running "feud." They did it for a good cause, supporting the All-In Challenge during the pandemic, though Jackman says his and Reynolds rivalry is far from over.


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