Krispy Kreme Teams Up with Popsicle and Good Humor for Ice Cream Truck Inspired Doughnuts

While we're starting to see the first signs of fall — at least in terms of the food and Halloween decor worlds — it is still very much summertime and now, Krispy Kreme is teaming up with Popsicle and Good Humor for a pastry spin on the summertime classic treats from the ice cream truck. Starting Monday, July 18th, Krispy Kreme is offering three new treats inspired by iconic Popsicle and Good Humor favorites: Popsicle Firecracker Inspired Doughnut, Vanilla King Cone Inspired Doughnut, and Creamsicle Inspired Doughnut.

The Popsicle Firecracker Inspired Doughnut is described as An Original Glazed doughnut with icing inspired by Popsicle Firecracker, dipped in blue raspberry sugar, then topped with dollops of flavored Kreme inspired by Popsicle Firecracker. The Vanilla King Cone Inspired Doughnut is described as a doughnut filled with vanilla custard Kreme, dipped in chocolate icing, and topped with a blend of sugar cone pieces and chopped peanuts with a drizzle of chocolate icing. The Creamsicle Inspired Doughnut, which might be the most interesting of the trio, is described as a doughnut filled with vanilla custard Kreme, with icing inspired by Creamsicle and topped with a drizzle of white icing and mini sprinkles.

"Should a doughnut really taste like a Creamsicle? Yes. Yes it should." said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme. "And we didn't stop there as we doughnutized some of America's favorite frozen treats this summer."

In addition to the doughnuts, there's also a beverage as well, the Creamsicle Inspired Chiller, a frozen beverage made with a creamy frappe base and orange flavoring. All of the Ice Cream Truck items are available for a limited time at participating locations.

Interestingly, this isn't the only "ice cream" related news from Krispy Kreme in recent months. Back in June, the company unveiled plans to get into the world of ice cream or, more specifically, ice cream flavored like Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme's Original Glaze Soft Serve will be available in cups, cones, or as milkshakes at 10 markets throughout the country at launch. Those markets include Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem in North Carolina; Greenville, South Carolina; Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia; Charleston, West Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee; and San Antonio, Texas. The chain says it plans to roll out to more markets like Mobile, Alabama; Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Pensacola, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana; Branson, Missouri, and Wichita, Kansas soon.

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