Michael J. Fox Warns Lil Nas X to Avoid 2020 While Time Traveling in New Single

Michael J. Fox warned Lil Nas X to avoid hitting up 2020 when he time travels in the video for his new single. “Holiday” will be out this Friday, November 13th, and the pop star enlisted Back to the Future’s star to build up the excitement. It goes without saying that time travelers might want to skip 2020 if they’re out there reading this, it gets heavy in our current year. But, things have had some levity in spots, just a few weeks ago Rick Moranis came back on the scene out of nowhere. If there’s room for one 1980s icon, surely there’s some room for Fox too. Weirdly enough, there’s a Santa Clause reference in the video too, because things just can’t possibly get any weirder. It was only a matter of time before Lil Nas X blessed the timeline with another strange pop hit, and all eyes will be on whatever he’s planning Friday.

When asked last year, Christopher Lloyd said that he really enjoyed Rick and Morty. The actor even joked that he wanted to make another Back to the Future with a crossover.

“I think it’s fabulous. I’ve watched it, I love the humor in it, I love the characters,” Lloyd told the crowd at German Comic Con Dortmund. “I’ve had a fantasy that they make another Back to the Future, Back to the Future 4. And Back to the Future 4 — it’s not happening — but if it did, Back to the Future 4 collides with Rick and Morty. Someway, somewhere in another time zone, in another space zone.”

For Fox, things are a bit more tricky with his Parkinsons' diagnosis. He shared how much harder it’s gotten for him to work.

"My short-term memory is shot," he said in an interview with People magazine. "I always had a real proficiency for lines and memorization. And I had some extreme situations where the last couple of jobs I did were actually really word-heavy parts. I struggled during both of them."

In a conversation with the magazine, Fox also said that he was writing an autobiographical book because he’s found joy in that process.


"I'm down to this," Fox explained. "My guitar playing is no good. My sketching is no good anymore, my dancing never was good, and acting is getting tougher to do. So it's down to writing. Luckily, I really enjoy it."

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