McDonald's Offering 50 Cent Cheeseburger Deal

Today is National Cheeseburger Day and McDonald's is letting people get Double Cheeseburgers for just $0.50. You read that correctly, the new promotion sees the fast foot giant getting fans to jump at that massive discount. Basically, if you're a part of the MyMcDonald's Rewards program, you can access the deal. This is a part of the ongoing effort to get more users onto the app and the $0.50 discount is only available for first-time users. Still, that's hard to pass up for anyone who's not already using the rewards program. If you're interested, you just open the McDonald's app and sign up. From there, you can just order your Double Cheeseburger and vibe. You might not be aware that McDonald's actually introduced that menu item as a promotional event back in the 1950s. But, after people loved it so much, they had to add it to the everyday menu in 1965. (It would be a second before it would make it's way to the menu boards in restaurants though.)

For those looking for a sweet treat, the Golden Arches also brought out a special Glazed Pull Apart Donut for a limited time. The McCafe pastries have been that much of a hit for the restaurant.

"Popping up just in time for Fall, the light and airy Glazed Pull Apart Donut is a unique twist on a classic donut that fans are sure to love. Coated in a delightful, sweet glaze, the tear apart bites make it both shareable (if you're into that) and perfect for enjoying throughout the day," they wrote. "Start your morning by dunking your bites into a McCafé Premium Roast Coffee or treat yourself to an afternoon pick-me-up... like all our bakery items, the Glazed Pull Apart Donut is available all day long."

"Our Glazed Pull Apart Donut is the first limited-edition offering to join McCafé Bakery. In 2020, we introduced our Bakery line with three delectable treats—the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll—which became instant fan-favorites. The McCafe Bakery lineup joins our full breakfast menu. From the introduction of the Egg McMuffin in 1971 to Breakfast Burritos (1991) and McGriddles (2003), McDonald's has been a leader at breakfast for nearly 50 years."

Will you be snagging a cheeseburger today? Let us know down in the comments!