MTN DEW Reportedly Bringing Back Mystery VooDew Flavor for Third Straight Year

For the third straight year, it looks like MTN DEW is releasing a mystery flavor to promote over the course of Spooky Season. Over the weekend, leaked promotional items surfaced online showing a new design for this year's MTN DEW VooDew flavor, following the same general label layout for the past two years.

Orange takes a backseat of the bottle's label design this time around as different shades of blues takeover. The VooDew skeleton is back again but instead of holding up two of his bony fingers — like what he did on last year's label — three are now extended. You can see an animated clip obtained by snack-tracking Instagram account @tmc_reviews below.

In addition to the animated graphic, photos of the actual bottled product have started to surface. As with the past two years, the drink itself is missing any color, taking on a milky white appearance, all in an effort to cast the flavor into a shroud of mystery. A separate snacking Instagram account — the wildly popular @candyhunting — released photos of the bottle Tuesday afternoon.

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The drink first launched prior to Halloween in 2019, giving fans a few weeks to debate what flavor it took on. It was ultimately revealed VooDew I was a mix of classic DEW combined with candy corn.

Fast forward a year and the soda maker released VooDew II to the masses. Like its predecessor, the flavor was based off Halloween candy. In a video post on social media, DEW revealed the flavor of the soda was "Fruit Candy Explosion," a non-trademarked way to suggesting the soda was flavored similar to Skittles or Starburst, a popular guess amongst those who found the sound a taste-tested it.


"So many predictions from the crystal ball of flavor," Dew tweeted. "Crystal ball says: FRUIT CANDY EXPLOSION! #DewNation, grab a MTN DEW VOO-DEW before it's too late."

If the release schedule this year is anything like the past two years, DEW drinkers should be able to find VooDew III in the closing weeks of August or early September. The flavor will run as long as supplies allow, usually through Halloween and a few weeks thereafter.