Ryan Reynolds on Pumpkin Spice: "What the F Are We Doing People?"

Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation Gin brand are taking on Fall season's Pumpkin Spice obsession!

Fall Season means the return of Pumpkin Spice flavor – but Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds isn't feeling it. In a new post promoting his Aviation Gin, Reynolds states (in his post caption), "Someone had to say it. Then make it. Then drink it."

"It's nearly fall, which means the entire universe will once again be losing its mind for pumpkin spice," Reynolds says in the ad. "Well, not at Aviation. Not on my watch. Let's make Negroni."

 The video then goes on to show drinkers how to find an alternative to pumpkin spice with an Aviation brand Negroni, with the added instruction to "take a pumpkin spiced cinnamon stick and shove it right up your @$$." 

While stirring the drink, Reynolds tells consumers to "Take a moment to ponder why once, for two or three months, we lose our #*@!ing mind over pumpkin spice. What the #*@! are we doing people?!"

"Enjoy a real drink," Reynolds concludes. "#*@! you pumpkin spice, it's Negroni week." 

In the Marvel movie spirit, there's a funny little post-credits scene included in the ad, featuring Reynolds almost immediately backtracking on his bravado against pumpkin spice: 

"It's come to my attention that pumpkin spice has quite a lot of fans, and a powerful political lobby," Reynolds jokingly laments. "So, on behalf of Aviation American Gin and its parent company Diageo, we'd like to wholesale apologize for our previous commercial."

What Businesses Does Ryan Reynolds Own? 

(Photo: Aviation Gin / Ryan Reynolds)

Beyond his acting, Ryan Reynolds has made a name for himself as one of the most media-savvy modern-day moguls. In addition to Aviation Gin, Reynolds also has his Mint Mobile venture; the Canadian wealth management service Wealthsimple; tech ventures Nuvei and 1Password; production and marketing venture Maximum Effort, and sports ventures including stakes in F1 team Alpine and England's Wrexham AFC soccer team (which is also the subject of his hit docu-series). Reynolds is also pursuing a bid for Canada's Ottawa Senators NHL team, and their stadium, the Tire Centre. Reynolds' wife, actress Blake Lively, is similarly branching out as a mogul, launching her own line of sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail mixers, Betty Buzz. 

While Ryan Reynolds continues to push sports/business ventures off-screen, he's also in the midst of making Deadpool 3, a pivotal MCU movie that will see Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine take a wild road trip from the Fox X-Men Universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, Deadpool 3 is on pause until the current Writers' and/or Actors' Strikes are over.