Mr. Peanut Prepares to Get Roasted In Planters Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Planters is set to release a Super Bowl ad where Mr. Peanut gets roasted. Now, nothing too dire is going to befall the mascot, but he is going to take some light ribbing from a comedian during the big game. In a press release for the spot, Planters revealed that Roastmaster General Jeff Ross will be handling the ceremonies. A lot of football fans and people who watch the game for commercials are elated that the direction of advertising seems to be headed back towards actual products rather than various schemes and thinly-veiled gambling. (Let's hope they don't mention that time that Planters tried to turn Mr. Peanut into a baby, we've all forgotten that stunt and maybe it should stay that way!) The company revealed a short teaser that you can catch down below.

The clip from today shows an animated version of Mr. Peanut trying to get a sneak peek at some of the jokes he'll be enduring from Ross. But, the Roastmaster isn't having any of that and tosses him out of there without a second thought. "You're not allowed to hear the jokes until the roast," Ross jokes with the top-hatted mascot.

"No one knows more about the art of roasting than the Planters brand, and there's no legend more worthy of being roasted than Mr. Peanut," Rafik Lawendy, head of marketing for Planters, said in a statement. "We hope our fans will enjoy delicious peanuts and a good laugh on game day."

What Can You Expect From Planters During the Super Bowl?

"To their credit, Planters has a great sense of humor about this whole thing, and told me to go for it. I went for it," Jeff Ross told Variety in an interview. "We will have to see if Mr. Peanut cracks or not."

"When I do a roast, I do research. I have to know everything about the subject," he added. "I watched all the old commercials. I read a lot about Mr. Peanut in history… To his credit, he has a lot of confidence. He's a guy wearing a top hat and no pants. You really can't tell him what to do."

The company is also trying to recruit a second class of PeaNUTTERS to travel around the United States in a giant peanut shaped van spreading cheer on behalf of the brand. You can still apply for that role on their website.

"Since bringing the PLANTERS® brand into the Hormel Foods family in 2021, we've been looking forward to carrying on the tradition of hiring Peanutters to represent the PLANTERS® brand across the country," Yemi Gilland, associate brand manager for the PLANTERS® brand previously wrote in a statement. "This is our second class of Peanutters, and we are excited to keep the NUTmobile rolling along throughout the United States as we visit our fans in their hometowns."

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