The Rock Congratulates Retiring Virginia High Teacher

The Rock congratulated a retiring Virginia high school teacher with a personalized video. Carol Propst is a beloved English teacher down at Virginia High School. She’s been a massive source of comfort and inspiration for the student body there. Propst also adores Dwayne Johnson, which is pretty common on the Internet these days. The teacher chaperoned a movie trip to Fast Five back in 2011, and the infatuation was on from there. Her last wish before clocking out after 39 years was to get an autograph from the former WWE Champion. Some of her fellow teachers decided to pitch in to make her dream a reality.

"Wow, Carol. Congratulations! I am so happy, and I am so proud of you,” Johnson said in the video. “Thank you and your fellow teachers for your wisdom, love, care, discipline.”

Noah Ashbrook is another teacher at Virginia High. He wrote to The Rock’s Twitter account everyday trying to get the Hollywood star’s attention. The people at the school were willing to do whatever they could to get Propst that autograph.

His first tweet was 70 days ago when he wrote, “So this is Carol Propst, the best teacher we have in Bristol, VA. This is her last year before retirement. How many tweets will it take to get @TheRock to send us a an autograph for this amazing woman. #propstrocks”

This week, Ashbrook had a big surprise, “Day 71. So do I now send our 70 days of thank you tweets to @TheRock? To understand the whole story you first need to see his video he sent to @PropstMiss. I’m editing her reaction video and will post it soon.”


Miss Propst was absolutely thrilled and tweeted about it herself. “Today I received the ultimate retirement send-off: a personalized message from Dwayne @TheRock Johnson! Thanks to all my beloved students and colleagues. BVPS, YOU ROCK! #propstrocks,” she wrote

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