Toys 'R' Us Reveals First New Store Locations


At long last, Toys 'R' Us is coming back to the United States. Beginning Wednesday morning, the toy company is opening its first retail location since closing all stores due to bankruptcy over two years ago. According to a new report from, the retailer is launching a store inside the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey. Coincidentally enough, Garden State happens to be the largest shopping center in the state of New Jersey. Just in time for the holidays, the company is hoping to open a second store in Houston, Texas by December 1st.

Due to declining sales thanks to the popularity of online shopping, the once-toy giant field for bankruptcy in 2017 before shuttering all United States-based locations in 2018. A new entity — Tru Kids — emerged from the bankruptcy to take over all US operations and has partnered with b8ta to bring a newly-formatted store to life. A statement from the company earlier this year suggests the company will focus on creating an immersive toy experience rather than being a traditional big box retailer.

“With a 70 year heritage, the Toys“R”Us brand is beloved by kids and families around the world, and continues to play a leading role in the hearts and minds of today’s consumers,” said Richard Barry, CEO of Tru Kids and Interim co-CEO of the new Toys“R”Us joint venture. “We have an incredible opportunity to entirely reimagine the Toys“R”Us brand in the U.S. and are thrilled to partner with b8ta and key toy vendors to create a new, highly-engaging retail experience designed for kids, families and to better fit within today’s retail environment.”

“As a kid, my memory of Toys“R”Us was running up and down the aisles kicking balls and playing with the coolest toys,” added Phillip Raub, co-founder and president of b8ta and Interim co-CEO of the Toys“R”Us joint venture. “As the retail landscape changes, so do consumer shopping habits. But what hasn’t changed is that kids want to touch everything and simply play. In partnership with Richard and his team, we are excited to bring back Toys“R”Us in an immersive way, focused on creating a fun and engaging experience for kids—and adults, too.”

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