Turns Out Ads WIth Ryan Reynolds' Face Don't Work, Watch Ryan Find Out Why

Can you make a successful advertisement just by showing viewers Ryan Reynolds face? Ryan Reynolds himself decided to do an official investigation into the matter, through his MNTN venture with Maximum Effort in creative performance advertising. In a new promotional ad meant to help bring awareness to MNTN, Ryan Reynolds and one of the company's marketing analysts do an experiment: they run two different ads for the company - with only one ad using Ryan Reynolds as the spokesman - and measure the level of ad reach and impressions they got from each. As it turns out, consumers prefer NOT seeing Ryan Reynolds' face trying to sell them something. 

Check out the official results of MNTN's "Do Ryan Reynolds Ads Work?" survey, below! 

Reynolds captions the video with the humorously humble note that "My face is trying not to take these MNTN results personally."

Here's the full breakdown of the Ryan Reynolds ad experiment - and details of MNTN and Maximum Effort - done in the company's signature style (i.e., in the voice of Ryan Reynolds' onscreen persona): 

Do Ryan Reynolds Ads Work? We decided to find out! 

Ryan Reynolds decided to put himself to the test. His company Maximum Effort recently created two ads for MNTN, the fastest growing company in streaming TV ads, to run on MNTN's platform. One ad included Reynolds and the other only included his voice over. The two ads were uploaded using the MNTN Platform. There was a target audience selected of people who worked in marketing with site visits set as the key success metric.

In a surprising twist, the ad without Ryan Reynolds performed better. The video without Ryan drove 117% more site visits than the video with Ryan.

You can see MNTN's Customer Success Specialist, Imani Clark, explain the results to Ryan, who also serves as MNTN's Chief Creative Officer, in the video [above].

This torture test shows how simple running ads on streaming TV can be with the MNTN platform, as well as how advertisers can A/B test their creative in real time and optimize for performance.

MNTN/Maximum Effort is just one pie that Ryan Reynolds (who is quickly and quietly becoming something of a mogul) has his finger in. His Aviation Gin liquor brand sold big; His Mint Mobile wireless company is doing well, and he even owns a soccer team alongside it's Always Sunny... and Mythic Quest creator Rob McElhenney. That's not even counting his production ventures. With Marvel's Deadpool 3 on the horizon, plus his side empire, beautiful wife and family... it's the best time to be Ryan Reynolds.