X-Men: Apocalypse Producer Teases Dark Phoenix Story


It looks more and more like we will get a true Dark Phoneix Saga after X-Men: Apocalypse. Rumors have been swirling for a good long while, but recently chatter started coming from sources close to the films which lent them some actual validity.

Now more evidence has surfaced from comments made by Producer Simon Kinberg and Actor Sophie Turner. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kinberg expressed his desire to give the much-loved tale another try, saying that "I definitely would love to take another stab at the Dark Phoenix story.” Xmen: The Last Stand also attempted to take on the iconic story, but in many (i.e. all) eyes failed to deliver. This hasn't gone unnoticed at FOX, and thanks to Days of Future Past rewriting the timeline, they now have a perfect opportunity to give it another shot.

That possibility hasn't gone unnoticed by the newest actor to take on the Jean Grey role either. Previously played by Famke Janssen, X-Men: Apocalypse brings on a new face in Sophie Turner as the popular telepath, and while she isn't giving anything away, she does admit that the seeds are indeed planted.

“The seeds of Phoenix definitely are planted in there. She can’t control her powers unless she either fully stops them or lets them all loose, and that’s kind of Phoenix. I think in future movies to come we’ll definitely see a bit more of that.” If it does happen, here is hoping they can get it right. I don't think they'll have a third chance.

X-Men: Apocalypse is due in theatres on May 27th.