Captain America PSA's From Spider-Man: Homecoming Are Hilarious

Captain America's appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming was a pleasant surprise for fans, and if you liked those then you'll love Rappin with Cap.

What is Rappin with Cap you ask? It's a series of PSAs in the same style of the one seen in Homecoming, themed after topics like Safety First, Food for Thought, Brain Power, and Your Changing Body, which, well, is amazing.

In the Safety First PSA, Cap is all about having a good time on the Fourth of July. That is unless it involves illegal fireworks, in which case you get the uncomfortable "Captain Judgemental Stare" (patent pending).

Of course, if you do happen to light yourself on fire, Cap's there for you too, reminding you to stop, drop, and roll. Don't ever say he didn't give you quality advice.

Cap is also concerned about your diet and believes in the positive effects of a hot lunch. In the Food for Thought PSA, he explains how you don't need a super-soldier serum to be a hero, and you don't need a shield either. Just take out that handy dandy diagram of the food pyramid and you're good to go.

For Brain Power, well, just know math is good, and so is reading. You're welcome.

The best is saved for last though, as the final PSA is called Your Changing Body. As you can guess, it's pretty awkward.

Cap knows it too, especially when he has to cover the delicate topic of human reproduction. He even looks to the side to see if he can somehow get out of this. Truth be told, he would probably rather fight the Hulk than talk to kids about their reproduction systems, but hey, it's a job right?

He seems much more comfortable when talking about the great enemy known as tooth decay. Better yet, how about taking on the vicious adversary known as lice, or as he calls them, "an insidious force".

All of them are worth watching, and you can catch all of the PSA's in the video above.