Jeff Goldblum Gives Hilarious 'Thor: Ragnarok' Twitter Responses

When it comes to hilariously idiosyncratic actors, it doesn't get much better than Jeff Goldblum, whose real-life persona is as entertaining a character as any he's played in a movie. To take advantage of his sense of humor to promote Thor: Ragnarok, the actor was tasked with interpreting fans' tweets last week.

Fans were asked to take to Twitter to share what their definition of "Ragnarok" was using the #WhatsRagnarok hashtag. Little did they know that, for a lucky few, Goldblum added his own commentary to their definitions.

In the above definition, Goldblum got slightly sidetracked by the username, going on to try to recall a Christmas carol. The 64-year-old actor then went on to attempt to decipher what "LMAO" could potentially mean, veering even further off course and showing off his jazz scatting skills.

In another video, Goldblum was thrown off by the username "yahwehthegod," which appeared to intimidate the actor. He mentioned that his own jazz band had a very innocuous name, making him question if he should have given his musical group a more intimidating name.

With the definition including a reference to Muppets, Goldblum went on to share an anecdote about counting his son's sneezes the way Sesame Street's Count would tally various items.

Yet another user compared the power of "Ragnarok" to that of Cate Blanchett's gaze, who plays Hela in the film, which Goldblum couldn't help but agree with. In attempting to describe the power of that gaze, he seemed to entrance himself, proving that even describing the star's gaze was a powerful experience.

To see more of Goldblum's responses, you can check out the #WhatsRagnarok hashtag on Twitter.

You'll be able to find out how Marvel defines "Ragnarok" when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3.

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