Rob Liefeld Comments on 'Deadpool 2' Teaser

The Deadpool teaser wasn't quite what we expected, but then again fans should be used to that by now, a trait that Deadpool's creator greatly admires.

Deadpool, Cable, and Domino creator Rob Liefeld couldn't be more excited for fans to finally get a look at the anticipated sequel and Ryan Reynold's comedic talents in general.

"Proving once again that Ryan Reynolds is the living embodiment of all things Deadpool, the fans should study every frame of this magnificent work for its pure unadulterated genius," Liefeld told "As always, I’m in awe. Aren’t we all?"

While it's inarguable that Reynold's is the living embodiment of Deadpool, Liefeld didn't want to leave the movie out of the discussion. "Oh yeah, and the movie looks good too!"

Today's trailer release follows the movie's first poster reveal and a spread in Good Housekeeping magazine. Whatever the movie is called, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld tells that fans should be excited for more.

"The Game is afoot!" Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld told when the magazine feature was revealed. "Oh man, this could not be more exciting for the fans as well as for all the great talent bringing Deadpool 2 to life! Deadpool! Cable! Domino! Colossus! Fans, brace yourself, you have no idea all the awesome that is coming your way! The best news is that June 1 is closer today than it was yesterday!!"

Deadpool 2 hits theaters June 1, 2018.