Watch 'The Punisher' Opening Title Sequence

With Netflix and Marvel releasing The Punisher series on Friday, the show's opening title credits have been made available online.

The Marvel Netflix shows have long prided themselves on creative and enjoyable opening credits sequences. The Punisher is no exception. The opening of the episodes sees different pieces of different guns in focus with the names of The Punisher's stars, producers, directors and other crew members accompanying.

Daredevil kicked off the opening credits craze with its first season, using a red background and a liquid substance forming into iconic elements of the series. Then, Jessica Jones used cryptic animated images, reflective of the character's comic book art to roll its opening credits. Luke Cage's golden and artsy approach to New York City, showing the city running all across Luke's skin was also a fan-favorite. Finally, The Defenders combined elements of each character into New York City grids.

The Punisher picks up where Daredevil left off, as fans know that Frank Castle survived the boat explosion. Thing is, most of the city doesn't know that, but they're going to get a rude awakening once Castle dons his classic gear and starts running through the streets after his prey.

The Punisher is available now on Netflix.