'Black Panther': Young Fan Nails M'Baku Challenge Speech

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Does this mean the M'Baku Challenge is over? Because, let's be honest here, there's no way anyone will top this kid!

After the release of Black Panther last month, fans fell in love with the scene stealing M'Baku, played by breakout star Winston Duke. This passion led to what's become known at the M'Baku Challenge, where fans post videos of themselves reciting the character's lines from his first scene in the movie, where he arrives to T'Challa's ceremony in order to challenge him for the throne of Wakanda.

This week, it seems like one M'Baku Challenge entry has found a way to rise above the rest. An Flordia woman by the name of Brittni-Rae posted a video of her son Jordan reciting the entire scene where M'Baku makes his debut. The kid uses different costumes and accents to play not only M'Baku, but also T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Zuri (Forest Whitaker).

Check out the full video below:

Jordan begins by portraying Zuri, complete with the character's face makeup, beginning the Black Panther ceremony. Then, the same young boy appears down the hall, draped in the furs of M'Baku, chanting as he walks toward the camera. He then recites the entire scene from memory.

"I mean just in case y'all need a stunt double for the next movie...just giving y'all options," Brittni-Rae wrote in the post.

The internet has taken notice of this nearly-perfect M'Baku impression, as has one of the film's stars. Michael B. Jordan, who played the villainous Erik Killmonger, commented on the Instagram post to tell the kid what a great job he did. The actor's first comment was simply a group of fire emojis. The second read, "Lil man you nailed it!!!!"


Jordan's mother noted on Twitter that he loved the movie so much that he's seen it five times, and memorized the lines in order record the scene.

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