'Cloak & Dagger' Stars Want a 'Runaways' Crossover

During a roundtable discussion with reporters earlier today, Cloak & Dagger stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph both said that, if they were to cross over with another Marvel television show, they would pick Runaways.

Like Cloak & Dagger, Runaways features a young, multicultural cast. Neither of the two have yet shared any characters or story beats with shows like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and the studio's Netflix shows like Marvel's Defenders, all of which take place in Marvel's shared cinematic universe alongside the movies.

"We hope so. I feel like if there is going to be a crossover it will be with the Runaways, just because it makes sense," Holt said. "We also just like them as a cast."

Joseph agreed.

"I think it would just make a lot of sense, and I think they also crossover in the comics as well," Holt elaborated. "So hopefully there will be an opportunity there somewhere. But yeah, we'll see.

The show is connected to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, but on a network (Freeform) that does not have any other Marvel shows. This means the possibility exists for crossovers, it would be difficult logistically.

Hulu, where Runaways airs, is not bound by normal network shooting schedules. That could mean that something like a crossover is either much easier or much harder to do, depending on the producers' and actors' passion and availability.

Reviews are out for the first handful of episodes of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger and the series is receiving largely positive responses, including from ComicBook.com’s own Charlie Ridgely:

“Where Cloak & Dagger really excels is in its ability to pay equal attention to the fantastical elements behind these powers, and the real situations facing our country. Issues like racial tension, social anxiety, bullying, police brutality, loss, homelessness -- all of these are tackled head first, putting Cloak & Dagger right alongside Black Lightning in terms of taking an exciting premise and inserting it flawlessly into the terrifying reality that so many of our young people face today. It's a remarkable blend of two very different worlds.”


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger premieres tonight at 8 pm ET/PT on Freeform.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.