Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Reaction to 'Deadpool 2's Baby Legs

When Ryan Reynolds saw the baby legs on Deadpool, he immediately regretted asking for them, the actor revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Deadpool 2's home video release.

During the Q&A, Reynolds told a 13-year-old he did not really lose his legs during production. It was all done with CGI, of course. Reynolds saw what they looked like just days before Deadpool 2 opened, and since he has a little girl, he regretted the idea.

"The baby legs were shown to me the week of the release of the film. That week we had to block-out photos and I have a little girl and I kept saying, make my legs look like those, and then when I saw it, I immediately regretted all of it," Reynolds said.

Reynolds, who has two young daughters with Blake Lively, also said he was concerned that showing baby testicles on the big screen would be a line the Motion Picture Association of America would not let them cross.

"I was worried that you saw some baby balls in there, and we would get rejected by the MPAA," Reynolds said. "So I was prepared to go to their office — because you can argue your case — but I was going to tell them those were my balls."

Oddly enough, Reynolds had to go to Instagram to clear up a rumor that he really sat on a baby to film the baby legs scene.

"I want to shut this disgusting rumor down before I start it. Yes, there’s a scene in #deadpool2 in which I have adorable little baby legs. In order to achieve this illusion I did NOT sit on an actual baby... For more than a minute. An hour, tops," he wrote in May.

Deadpool 2 will be released on digital platforms on Aug. 7, with the Blu-ray, DVD and 4K UHD editions following on Aug. 21. There will be an extended Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut released.

Retailers will have their own exclusive editions. As usual, Best Buy gets a steel book, while Walmart gets an exclusive Deadpool Bob Ross Pop figure keychain.

Target's exclusive is the most bizarre, as it includes "A (Not Suitable For) Children’s Book" version of Deadpool 2, formatted like a classic Little Golden Books and comes complete with illustrations for young children (who should not be reading Deadpool).

The extended cut also includes a scene with the villain Omega Red, played by New York Jets rookie Dakoda Shepley.


One special feature shown during the SDCC panel was an alternate version of the time travel sequence from the end of the film. In one shot, Deadpool is seen struggling with killing a baby, who is revealed to be Adolf Hitler. Director David Leitch mentioned the Hitler scene in a May interview with Esquire.

Deadpool 2 was almost as successful as the original film at the box office after its May release, reeling in $729.6 million worldwide. It had the second-highest opening for a R-rated movie with $125.5 million, just $6.9 million shy of the first film's debut.