‘Luke Cage’ Star “Pissed” Over Cancellation

Mustafa Shakir, who played John McIver-slash-Bushmaster in Luke Cage Season Two, is “pissed” the show was cancelled.

“They cancelled [Luke Cage] and well, I got a little upset,” Shakir wrote on Instagram Saturday accompanied by a photo showing his enraged supervillain. “I’ll be ok guys... But they might not be!!!”

Shakir’s comment was followed by a pair of crying laughing emojis and the hashtag “I’m pissed.”

The actor expected to return as Bushmaster in future seasons after the injured superhuman retreated to his native Jamaica following his failure to murder Mariah Stokes (Alfre Woodward), leaving the door open for McIver to return to Harlem once he’s truly harnessed the power of the Nightshade that grants him his enhanced abilities.

Shakir previously told THR he envisioned McIver coming back to the city to “do some good,” potentially rivaling new Harlem de facto leader Luke Cage (Mike Colter).

“I think with my imagination sometimes, I feel like Luke is going to go nuts in the street and they’re going to be like, ‘Luke, what have you become? We need to get somebody who can beat up Luke Cage,’” Shakir said.

“And then they come back, and they go to Jamaica and find [Bushmaster]: ‘This is the only guy who was able to do it.’ I know exactly how that intersection would happen. But I think as a broad point, I think it’ll be a lot of gray areas. At least I hope so, because that’s a lot more interesting to me.”


Luke Cage was cancelled late Friday when producers Marvel and Netflix announced in a joint statement the series would not be moving forward. Just one week before, in the aftermath of the Iron Fist cancellation, Deadline reported Cage was expected to be renewed for a third season that was being developed by showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and the writers room.

Fans have since expressed their displeasure at the news and others have launched a petition hoping to make the streaming service reconsider.