Thor Star Jaimie Alexander Shares Photos From Recent Surgery

Jaimie Alexander is used to playing bonafide badasses in the Thor franchise and Blindspot, but it looks like she recently underwent a completely different kind of battle. The actress recently took to social media to reveal that she tore her ACL and MCL, which led to her having surgery.

Alexander first revealed the news in an Instagram post in February, which showed her leg bandaged up and in a brace.

This past Saturday, Alexander then shared photos from her surgery, in a post thanking the doctors and medical staff that helped her get on the mend.

For the uninitiated, ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, which is one of the major ligaments inside of a knee. MCL, which stands for medial collateral ligament, is a band of tissue that exists outside of a person's knee.

While Alexander hasn't appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for several years - most recently in a 2015 episode of Agents of SHIELD - fans have been curious to see if and when her Lady Sif would return to the franchise. According to the actress, there was an attempt to bring her back for Thor: Ragnarok, but it ultimately fell through due to scheduling conflicts.

“I was asked, but the timing of when they were going to shoot and when Blindspot was gonna shoot — it was pretty much the same time,” Alexander explained in a previous interview. “So there was a conflict there... I was hoping for more of a notice from [the studio] so I could make it work, but it was a short notice thing. They called and said, ‘Hey, by the way, would you come do this?’ I said there is no way I can make that work that fast.”

But with speculation that she could factor into Disney+'s Loki series - or even her own solo adventure - it sounds like the actress would love to return.


“Oh, sure,” Alexander said. “I love Marvel. I’d be happy to do other projects with them at any time. They’re a great company — I love all the guys and girls over there — they always are able to get a really fun cast for almost every project they have, which is often. And, of course, who doesn’t want to be a superhero?”

We wish Alexander a speedy recovery!