Avengers: Endgame Fan Recreates Epic Portals Scene with LEGO Minifigs

A three-hour film chock full of jaw-dropping moments, arguably no moment stood out as much as the now-iconic portals scene in the third act. Now, it's been recreated using nothing but LEGO minifigures, leading to an entertaining three-minute video that's sure to give you goosebumps all over again. Posted to YouTube earlier today, the quick recreation is courtesy of Brick Force Studios, a creator dedicated to recreating key moments from entertainment using one of the most popular building toys of all-time.

The video can be seen in its entirety above. Along with the epic portals scene, Brick Force has a whole wide variety of LEGO-based videos on their channel, including recreations of The Lion King trailer, a terrifying remake of It, and more.

Immediately following the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, ComicBook.com sat down with Matt Aitken, visual effects supervisor at the New Zealand-based Weta Digital. Among all the projects the team worked on for Marvel Studios and Endgame, the epic sling ring portals scene was at the forefront, and we asked Aitken about the initial thought process behind the scene.

"We wanted to make sure that they were instantly recognizable for people as being the same Doctor Strange sling ring portals from the earlier movies," Aitken previously revealed. "Because at that really magical moment when the portals start opening up behind Cap, we wanted people to be instantly aware of what was going on."

"We didn't want them to be wondering, 'Oh what's this strange thing I'm seeing here? Is this the heroes arriving or is this more of Thanos' army arriving through some other way?' So it had to be very clearly recognizable as these Doctor Strange portals."


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Avengers: Endgame continues its box office run while Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters July 2nd. Captain Marvel is now available digitally and home media release.