Agents of SHIELD Recap with Spoilers: All's Well in "Collision Course (Part II)"

(Photo: Marvel Television / ABC)

As usual, full Agents of SHIELD spoilers up ahead. "Collision Course (Part 2)" picks up exactly after last week's episode, with Daisy, May, Deke, and Snowflake trying to defuse Sarge's bomb. When they're nearly about to impact Izel's Shrike tower, Daisy's able to use her quaking powers to contain the bomb in a nest of sorts, which allows the truck to plow through the tower without setting the bomb off. This causes a furious Izel to begin leaving the planet, forcing Sarge and the Zephyr One to follow in pursuit.

Using some convincing, Yo-Yo's able to switch Jaco over to their side. The agents and Jaco then manage to trap Sarge in a containment cell, so the team can pursue Izel unimpeded. Before long, the team is able to board Izel's ship and rescue Fitz and Simmons.

On Earth, Daisy's able to use her powers to destroy the entire army of leftover shrikes. Jaco then uses their special teleporting tech to take the team from Izel's ship to Sarge's truck, reuniting May, Daisy, and Deke with Fitz and Simmons. Jaco then takes the nuclear weapon from the truck and teleports back to Izel's ship, destroying it as it flies through space.

The last fourth of the episode or so shows the entire SHIELD team reunited at The Lighthouse as they drink and celebrate everyone's return. The episode ends with May entering Sarge's holding cell, shooting him three times in the chest and a fourth time as the screen cuts to black.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • After everything settles down, Daisy orders the team to arrest Snowflake nad put her in a holding cell
  • Towards the end of the episode, Davis seemingly passes out from exhausting thought there's not a real good explanation on what happens
  • Mack has a heart-to-heart with Yo-Yo where he admits he screwed up their relationship. The two end up "taking it slow" and hook up

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