Massive Avengers: Endgame Fan Theory Involving Nebula and Gamora Cleared Up

Avengers: Endgame had quite a bit for Marvel fans to absorb, but amidst all the praise the movie received some were trying to find plotholes in the film. Some feel like they found one during the film's second act, as the Avengers use the Quantum Realm to travel to various points in time and space to collect the various Infinity Stones. At this point, Nebula explains how the retrieval of the Stones work, and she describes that Thanos retrieved the Soul Stone but Gamora didn't return with him. Some took that as a mistake, since Nebula would know that he killed her to retrieve it, but in the Endgame commentary writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus and directors Joe and Anthony Russo broke that down and explained why that theory is off.

"It should be noted, I've seen this on the Internet, that Nebula doesn't know about the exchange that's required at Vormir," McFeely said. "No one knows other than anybody who was there. She just knows her sister didn't come back."

"She knows her sister went there with her father and her sister didn't come back, and he left with the stone," Joe Russo said. "So only assumptions can be made about what happens on that planet, but who knows? She could have tried to stop him and he murdered her. We have no idea."

"He could have simply murdered her, because he finally got what he wanted," Anthony said.

"The only one who really knows is Red Skull," Joe added.


With a move this epic in scope, there were bound to be little details that don't exactly lie up, though this is definitely not one of those.

As for Endgame, the film finally surpassed Avatar for the highest-grossing movie of all time at the box office. Endgame currently sits at the top with $2,793.4 billion while Avatar sits at #2 with $2,789.7 billion. At one point it looked a little doubtful that film would pass Avatar, but Marvel sweetened the deal with a new campaign that included a Stan Lee tribute, a deleted scene, and a preview of Spider-Man: Far From Home, as well as an exclusive poster. It was enough to get the film over the hump, and now the wait begins to see if Avatar 2 will try and take back its crown.

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