Deadpool 2 Star Zazie Beetz Addresses Domino's Potential Marvel Return

11/02/2021 10:16 pm EDT

It feels like the Deadpool franchise is currently floating around in movie limbo at the moment. There are certainly plans with how Marvel Studios plans to handle the Ryan Reynolds film series now that they own the rights to the character, but no official news about a third Deadpool movie and no rumblings of an upcoming production have many fans wondering if the Merc will return at all. There's a lot of stress about Deadpool's comeback, but one of the franchise's stars feels like it'll all work out sooner or later. 

Zazie Beetz made her debut as the incredibly lucky Domino in Deadpool 2 and immediately became a fan-favorite. Stealing scenes that contain Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin is hard to do, but Beetz did it consistently throughout the entire film and cemented herself as a core part of the franchise. Fans want to see more of her Domino on screen, and so does she. sat down to chat with Beetz ahead of her upcoming Netflix film The Harder They Fall, and we asked about the future of Domino at Marvel. 

"I would love to revisit Domino," Beetz told us. "I would love to do a Deadpool 3, 4, 5, 7, 19. I've also wanted to be like, 'Maybe I could just do my own origin story.' I feel honored to have been able to depict her on screen and to have played with her, as her. I love her and so I would be more than happy to revisit her on camera. And I think I will. If Disney doesn't make it happen, I'll make it happen."

If Disney doesn't get something worked out on the Deadpool front, it sounds like Beetz is ready to take things into her own hands. And as much as we'd all love to see her interacting with Deadpool and Cable again, an origin story about the character with Beetz in the starring role would be just as exciting. Beetz obviously couldn't reveal any potential news about the Deadpool movie franchise if there was anything going on behind the scenes, but she does inspire confidence that something will happen.

From the outside, it feels like it all boils down to an issue of Deadpool joining the MCU. If he's a part of the continuity with other MCU heroes, Deadpool will likely have to tune down his violence and excessive language. If Deadpool stays as-is (already a massively successful standalone franchise), Marvel probably has to keep that series slightly separate from the rest of the Marvel franchise. 

Kevin Feige, Ryan Reynolds, and everyone else involved are surely hammering out the details and figuring out how to make it all work. We're all just going to have to wait and see how it shakes out.

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