Marvel Debuts a New Asgard

09/03/2019 09:21 am EDT

The Realm Eternal is reborn in Thor #16 from Marvel Comics. The issue features the art of Mike Del Mundo and ends Jason Aaron's run writing Thor in the present-day Marvel Universe. Aaron began his run on Thor in 2011 and it has continued through various titles. He's brought the ten realms to war, made Thor unworthy, and destroyed Asgard under the foot of the Mangog. In Thor #16, he departs the series with the dawning of a new era of peace.

Asgard itself is birthed anew. Ever since Malektih brought Mangog to the realm, it's been rubble in ruin. In War of the Realms, Odin finally learned to respect his son enough to step aside and allow Thor to rule as All-Father. Thor has set about rebuilding Asgard, including the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge connecting it to the other realms.

Those realms were once connected by the World Tree, but Malekith's forces set the tree ablaze. Now it is a garden with what remains of the world tree at its heart. Malekith's allies during the war — Ulik the troll, Amora the Enchantress, and Sindr the Fire Queen — remain imprisoned in the garden's roots. They are guarded by Asgard's new Ministers of Justice. The "Ministers Three" are Hogung, Fandral, and Hildegarde.

With Thor installed as the new Allfather, Odin and Freyja plan to take some time away from Asgard to fan the flames of their rekindled love. Loki, having begun and helped to end the War of the Realms, is now King of Jotunheim, the realm of the Frost Giants. He claims to want peaceful relations with Asgard. He wishes his brother well and resurrects Thor's dead goat Toothgnasher.

Heimdall once again stands guard on the Bifrost. Jane Foster, once Thor, is now the sole remaining Valkyrie. Volstagg, recovered from his time as the War Thor battling the Mangog, is again a senator in the congress of worlds. He is joined by T'Challa, the Black Panther, who takes Jane Foster's place as the senator representing Midgard. Balder the Brave, returned to life as part of one of Thor's adventures. Now he has joined the League of Realms, bringing together heroes from across the realms.

During Aaron's run, he introduced Thor's from different points in the God of Thunder's life. Young Thor, the god of the Vikings, and King Thor, the future ruler of Asgard, both traveled through time to help end the War of the Realms. Young Thor returns to his time having learned some patience and to await his destiny. King Thor returns to his place at the end of time to watch the universe die.

But Aaron still has one Thor story left to tell. His run will come to an official close in the four-part King Thor miniseries. This issue ends with a tease of what's to come, as Loki arrives at the ruins of Asgard wearing All-Black, the Necrosword.

What do you think of this final issue of Jason Aaron's Thor? Let us know in the comments. Thor #16 is on sale now.

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