2016 ComicBook.com Movie Awards Vote: Best First Big Screen Appearance

The only thing better than a reimagined character on the big screen is a first time live-action adapation of a beloved comic book character. 2016 saw several characters debuting on the silver screen.

Suicide Squad was packed with first appearances, Batman v. Superman had a certain lady lasso-ing her way to this list, and Civil War managed to squeeze a brand new Wakandan face into its already packed line-up. The year was a major milestone for characters previously only animated or drawn being realized in live-action.

The nominations for Best First Big Screen Appearance were determined by character arcs, actor portrayals, and role in their respective films. Each of the nominees had a buzz rolling into their debut but some certainly delivered more for fans than others.

Honorable mentions include Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Doomsday, Captain Boomerang, and The Ancient One.

The nominees for Best First Big Screen Appearance are:

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