Marvel's Eddie Brock Gets New Symbiotes

If you've been keeping up with the current run of Venom from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, you know that Marvel's beloved anti-hero has a tough go of things as of late. The biggest challenge has come from the broken relationship between Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote, who at one point totally separated from one another. They reunited in the Absolute Carnage event to try and stop Cletus Kasady, only to split up once again because Venom felt Eddie was too weak to do what needed to be done, so the symbiote took up residence in the Hulk instead. In the penultimate issue of the event, Absolute Carnage #4, Eddie got more than a few replacements for his symbiote, playing host to a multitude of the Klyntar creatures.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage #4! Continue reading at your own risk...

In the new issue, Carnage manages to do the unthinkable and absorbs Venom into his collective hive, essentially becoming the most powerful version of himself we've seen to this point. He takes on a new form, generates new abilities, and is now much closer to completing his mission of connecting every piece of symbiotic history on Earth to Knull. There's no way for Eddie to even stand a chance against this kind of evil, especially without a symbiote, so he takes on several at once.

Previous issues of the event introduced a machine that could remove the symbiotic codices from someone's spine, allowing them to no longer be targets for Carnage. Once Carnage absorbs Venom, Eddie heads over to the machine and rips a hole in the side, allowing the symbiotes taken from the codices of Captain America, Wolverine, Thing, and others to attach themselves to him. With all of that power now in his body, Eddie's new version of Venom sprouts a wild set of wings and takes off after Carnage.

absolute carnage 4 ending
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"They fall into me," reads Eddie's inner monologue. "Black rain, burrowing and growing. The codices..writhing and connecting with my own. The voices of their former hosts screaming into my mind. Captain America's voice barking orders and war strategies. Wolverine's rage igniting my blood into ancient fire. I see through Hawkeye's diamond-scalpel eyes. The Thing's ungodly strength turning my muscles to stone. They all melt together inside of me. Many voices becoming one. The power...not like anything I have ever felt before. Something new. Something better. We are the fury of this red-drenched city. Clothed in the armor of an avenging legion. This ends with us. All of us. Because we're stronger when we're together. And together... We. Are. Venom."


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