Agents of SHIELD: Sarge Meets the Team in Exclusive New Clip

FitzSimmons have finally reunited in things appear to slowly be creeping back to normalcy on [...]

FitzSimmons have finally reunited in things appear to slowly be creeping back to normalcy on Agents of SHIELD. While the mystery remains on who exactly Sarge (Clark Gregg) is exactly, it looks like this week's episode "Toldja" will take the first step in unearthing the truth. In an exclusive new clip on, you can see the intergalactic traveler meeting the rest of the Agents of SHIELD team.

As expected, the results aren't too favorable with Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet), who eventually has to leave because the sight of someone wearing her mentor's face is too face. Luckily for her, Deke (Jeff Ward) apparently goes chasing after her — something that surely can't end badly...right? You can see the full minute-and-a-half clip above.

There was, at one point, uncertainty whether Gregg would be attached to the shield after Phil Coulson presumably bit the dust in the Season Five finale. Ahead of this season, the actor detailed the situation and wanted to make sure Coulson was actually dead before agreeing to come back in a new role.

"We had this really wonderful end of season five -- the [season finale] episode was even called 'The End' -- and we had reason to believe that we were done," said Gregg. "We'd had these wonderful five seasons and a very tight family, and it was very, very sad. And then they called everyone up and said, we're actually gonna do two more short, 13-episode seasons, which is really the number we thought we always could do best at."

"I didn't know if it was going to involve me," Gregg added, "and if it was going to involve me, I thought it had to be something special, something very different. I didn't want to just kind of like, go, 'Oh, never mind, it turns out he was OK all along.'"

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