'Agents of SHIELD's Ming-Na Wen Downplays "Philinda" for Roach Fights

The future depicted on the latest season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is pretty bleak taking place [...]

The future depicted on the latest season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is pretty bleak taking place on a broken Earth drifting through space, under Kree control.

Though most of the survivors live semi-peacefully in a station called the Lifeboat, transgressors get sent to a dire place known as "the surface," where roach-like aliens called Vrellnexians await their next fleshy meal.

Next on the menu: Melinda May, but Ming-Na Wen assures fans that her character will put up a fight.

Speaking with TVLine, Wen said Agent May— who has been injured since making the journey to the future — that "she'd better do something, because those roaches are coming for her when she goes to the surface!"

Filming the scene wasn't easy for Wen, who said she had to deal with minor discomforts during the production.

"I will tell you that it was very windy," Wen said with a laugh. "When there is very little atmosphere, it's very windy apparently, which is always fun to shoot, when they're trying to blow s–t into your face!"

Wen said she's a huge fan of the new season and how it's putting the team in new, unique situations.

"Being such a sci-fi girl, just the idea that I pretended to be able to fly a spaceship? That was pretty cool," Wen said.

But with all of the action scenes, it seems like the budding romance between Phil Coulson and Agent May (not to mention their imposters) has taken a back seat.

"I don't think my character gets as many emotional moments as I would love to play, because she's too busy beating up on everyone," Wen said, speaking of the Philinda storyline from Season 4. "I love moments like that because it's a chance to explore her more vulnerable and true nature that she's always masking."

While that might be disappointing, fans can look forward to the upcoming episode where May gets back to her classic, ass-kicking ways.

Agents of SHIELD's new episode, "Together or Not At All," airs Friday, January 12 on ABC.