Agents of SHIELD Producers Tease More Returning Characters

Agents of SHIELD has started its third and final story arc for season 4, one that features a HYDRA world order, as our SHIELD team is trapped in the Matrix-like faux world of Doctor Radcliffe's "Framework." Part of the fun of the HYDRA arc has been seeing how traditional elements and characters of the AoS world have been rearranged and shuffled into (in some cases) bold new character roles. The other fun has been seeing the return of a character (and maybe characters?) what we haven't see in the show for quite some time.

The big headlining return is of course longtime AoS hero-turned-villain, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), who reappears in the framework as Skye's boyfriend and a HYDRA who (mild spoiler!) is actually a double-agent, working for The Resistance (who we will meet in the upcoming episode). However, according to Agents of SHIELD showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen are teasing the possibility that Ward won't be the only returning character we see.

Speaking to CBR at WonderCon, the AoS producers teased that other characters who used to be on the show - Deathlok, Victoria Hand, Rosalind Price - are all potential picks to make a return within The Framework reality. According to Whedon, "There will be some of them, there will be some of your greatest hits. In the Framework anything can happen.

Agents of SHIELD HYDRA Returning Characters

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