Ant-Man Takes On Thanos In 'Avengers: Infinity War' Fan Poster

Ant-Man easily stole the show in Captain America: Civil War and the spotlight will certainly shine on him again if he ends up fighting Thanos in Infinity War.

You don't just mess with someone like Thanos without a plan, and a new fan poster reveals what that plan might look like. Reddit user Maxwellthebeech designed a poster around the crazy confrontation, showing Ant-Man in diminutive size next to the would-be conqueror.

The hero is poised on Thanos' ear, pulling back for a punch against Thanos' dome. In traditional Ant-Man fashion, he would most likely launch into full size as he punched Thanos, and that's a punch that even someone as powerful as Thanos would certainly feel.

(Photo: Maxwellthebeech)

Hopefully, something like this actually happens in the full film. In the meantime, though you can enjoy the poster in the image above.

Ant-Man is just one of many Marvel characters taking screentime in Avengers: Infinity War, and it's definitely a skill set to manage that many characters in one movie. That's not lost on Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, and he happens to trust those at the wheel.

“Well it’s about the screenplay and Chris Markus and Steve McFeely — out of everyone we’ve worked with — have a very deft hand with balance,” he said. There are a lot of characters in [the first] Captain America; there are a lot of characters in The Winter Soldier, and of course Civil War has as many as we’ve ever had, so it’s in very capable hands [when] it comes to divvying up the storylines in a way that services a primary narrative but [also] showcases many characters.”

As for Ant-Man specifically, he wasn't featured in the first trailer, but hopefully, fans will see some footage of him and The Wasp soon enough.


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Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

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