'Avengers 4' Video of Gamora Fuels Time Travel Theory

Fans are speculating about Avengers 4 and how Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be able to defeat Thanos in Marvel Studios upcoming crossover film. And while one theory has been picking up steam, a newly discovered piece of evidence might just confirm what many people have thought.

A lot of new set photos and clues from Avengers: Infinity War have teased that time travel would play a major role in the film. And now that old photos from Zoe Saldana's Instagram have resurfaced, it seems much more likely.

Saldana's character Gamora met her unfortunate demise in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos sacrificed her to obtain the Soul Stone. But Saldana has spoken about filming scenes for Avengers 4 already, almost guaranteeing that her character will return in some fashion.

Posts on her Instagram show Saldana getting her make up done for filming on what's presumably Avengers 4, considering they were posted in December 2017. It's more notable because Saldana is wearing a costume similar to the one Gamora wears in the first Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Gamora has a cold.

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It should be noted that Gamora wears very similar garb in the deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War, where she appeared to be a willing servant to her father Thanos. But her hair in that scene, where she tosses a monarch's head at her father's feet to show her success, is much very different than it is on her Instagram. It also looks like her hair is already styled in her social media post.

Given how expensive reshoots are and how late this photo was uploaded into the post-production process, it's more than likely that Saldana's photo was for Avengers 4 principal photography than for additional Avengers: Infinity War footage that was never used.

So, can we presume that the Avengers will travel back in time to around the events of Guardians of the Galaxy, possibly changing Gamora's fate or plucking her from the time stream?

It seems like such an outcome is much more likely as we examine all of the clues. Though directors Joe and Anthony Russo could toss everyone a curveball by planting all these red herrings.


Either way, Avengers 4 is shaping up to be the epic followup to Infinity War that many fans are hoping for. We'll find out how it all wraps up when the movie premieres in theaters on April 3, 2019.

[h/t Reddit]