Avengers: Endgame Pacing for First-Ever $1 Billion Opening

Even though Avengers: Endgame had already been tracking for record-breaking box office numbers, it [...]

Even though Avengers: Endgame had already been tracking for record-breaking box office numbers, it looks like the blockbuster will end up coming in ahead of projections. Sources tell ComicBook.com that a $950m global opening is all but guaranteed with the blockbuster likely being the first-ever film to break the $1b mark in its opening weekend.

The stars aligned for Marvel Studios, allowing the film to open in both the United States and China in the same weekend, the world's two biggest box office markets. Avengers: Endgame has already broken the biggest opening day record in China, tallying $107.5m in box office receipts.

Domestically speaking, our sources also say it's pretty evident Avengers: Endgame will cross $300m this weekend, a total which would shatter the previous record set last year by Avengers: Infinity War. Then, Infinity War opened at $257.5m before finishing its box office run by grossing $640.5m stateside tallying a box office multiplier around 2.4x. That means if Avengers: Endgame grossed over $300m domestically with the same amount of legs throughout its run, it'd finish its domestic run with $720m — still over $200m less than the domestic record currently held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a movie finished with a multiplier around 3.8x.

Should Endgame carry the same amount of legs as The Force Awakens — by notching a 3.8x multiplier while opening at $300m domestically — the Russo Brothers-directed film would make an unheard-of $1.14b in the United States. To date, no movie has crossed $1b at the domestic box office.

It might still be a bit too early to bring up the Avengers: Endgame overtaking Avatar discussion, but should the Marvel film gross $1b worldwide opening weekend, it's certainly a discussion that will be had sooner rather than later.

Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters and will be followed by Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2nd.

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