Avengers: Endgame Fan Creates the Perfect Meme for Cap vs. Cap

Captain America's big fight sequence with the past version of himself in Avengers: Endgame was a definite crowd-pleaser. One clever Reddit meme had a bit of fun with the scene this week, and the results are hilarious. During the part of the scuffle where the Cap from the past has the future version in a headlock, the poster picked the perfect moment to isolate this struggle.

They attached a picture of a caps lock key on a keyboard above the screengrab. It's so simple that it just makes you laugh at the wholesome absurdity of the post. Most of the memes made around this scene zero in on Captain Americamaking a joke about his butt looking good in the costume. This one just goes for the sheer silliness of seeing the two locked in combat.

Caps Lock. from r/inthesoulstone

Out of all the scenes in Endgame, that part of the time heist comes into conversation the most among fans. So much occurred in their trip back to 2012, but Loki getting away with the space stone and Cap's battle with himself are the most discussed parts. An interesting note about Rogers' battle is that the filmmakers had to tweak it a bit before the movie released to the public.

Audiences had a hard time keeping track of which Captain America was the one to be following. The crew edited the sequence to have the 2012 version wear a cowl. Comicbook.com talked to Lola VFX's Trent Claus about the scene earlier this year. The visual effects supervisor lended some insight about how Captain America's battle evolved:

"Depending on the shot, and it really varied by shot, sometimes Chris would play the Cap that's most visible to the camera, and the opposite would be played by a stunt double, sometimes Chris would play both Caps," Claus recounts. "We would shoot it twice, once with him in one role and once in the other role, so obviously, in each case then, he's playing opposite a stunt double, and then when it comes to the final comps, what you see on screen, it's always Chris's face."


"Both Caps, whether it be Chris Evans at the time or a stunt double, are wearing Captain America suits," he continued said. "Then neither one of them were wearing a helmet or a cowl at the time. After the fact, in the edit, the filmmakers decided in order to make it easier to tell which one is which, we would add a CG helmet onto the 2012 version, so in the final film you see the 2012 version wearing a helmet, and that was completely added digitally after the fact."

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