Avengers: Endgame Creates Opportunity for Best Possible Miles Morales and Prowler Origin Story

With the events of both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has essentially set itself up for and endless number of storytelling possibilities. There are potential alternate realities at play now, along with a five-year period of time where the world was turned upside-down, and people were forced to adapt to tragic new surroundings. It's in this gap where several different origin stories could be born, none more exciting than Prowler and Miles Morales.

If you're unclear on how the two characters connect to one another, last year's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse explained everything you need to know. Aaron Davis, aka Prowler, is Miles' favorite uncle. The two get along incredibly well, but Aaron is a criminal and Miles' dad doesn't want them spending too much time together. After becoming Spider-Man, Miles comes toe-to-toe with Prowler on several occasions before realizing that it's actually his uncle. With just a small twist, this story is a perfect fit for the MCU going forward.

Think about the events of Avengers: Endgame. After Thanos snapped his fingers, half of all life ceased to exist and that action wasn't undone for five years. The people who were dusted simply woke back up half a decade after fading away, feeling as though nothing ever happened. However, for the people who were left behind, they had to exist for five years in a new, devastating version of the world.

So how does this factor into the story of Aaron and Miles?

Let's say both Miles and Aaron survived the Snap, but Miles' parents were among those that were lost. This means that, during Miles' teenage years, Aaron suddenly had to step in and take care of him. We saw Aaron in Spider-Man: Homecoming (played by Donald Glover) and it was clear that the dude wasn't in an awesome place financially. So when he had to raise Miles as his own, he needed money and continued turning towards a life of crime. While taking care of Miles during the day, Aaron took on the mantle of Prowler at night, doing what he needed to try and keep his nephew safe and healthy.

Losing half the people on Earth hurt everyone, even Aaron, but he eventually came to love the life he built with Miles. He enjoyed being the kid's father figure. When things finally seem to be going alright, the Snap is undone and Miles' parents have now reappeared. Aaron would then essentially lose Miles after feeling so close to him, and it wouldn't exactly sit well. Aaron eventually pours everything he's got into Prowler to cope with the idea of not having Miles anymore.

After seeing the incredible turn that Mahershala Ali gave Aaron in Spider-Verse, it's hard not to think of how great the Miles/Aaron dynamic in the MCU could be with Glover already in the role. He's already a star, and there are very few Marvel characters more people are wanting to see on the big screen than Miles Morales. And we can be realistic here, there doesn't need to be a whole movie of Miles and Aaron adventures after the Snap, but that backstory sets up a dynamic that could be one of the best of the entire franchise. Once Miles takes on the Spider-Man mantle, he's already got the perfect first villain ready to go, and truly emotional story to build upon.

Both Aaron Davis and Miles Morales canonically exist in the MCU, and there could not be a better person to bring this to life than Donald Glover, who is already conveniently in the role.

Marvel, it's time to make to make this happen.



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