Avengers: Endgame - Thanos Will Snap Your Search Results in Half With This Cool Google Trick

For most internet users, Google is no longer just the name of a search engine, but a verb that refers to searching for things on the internet. The site's popularity has allowed it to take creative liberties with its homepage, often commemorating various holidays or notable figures by altering the images that adorn its logo. With Avengers: Endgame hitting theaters later this week, which is arguably the biggest theatrical event of the year, Google has found a clever way to reference the film and its antagonist. When you search for "Thanos" on the search engine, you'll likely see an Infinity Gauntlet which, when clicked, removes half of the character's search results.

avengers endgame thanos google
(Photo: Google)

When searching for Thanos on Google, the above image will likely show up on the right side of the page. Fans might notice that the illustration of the Infinity Gauntlet stands out and, when you click it, an animation and sound effects begin.

Users will then notice that results, which appear random, will begin to turn to dust, much like our beloved heroes at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Additionally, the number of results listed at the top of the page will be cut in half, from roughly 88 million down to 44 million.

This Easter egg might not be available to all users, depending on your browser and its settings, though it will look like the video above if the feature is available to you.

Luckily, if you were genuinely trying to research the Mad Titan, clicking the Infinity Gauntlet again will return the vanished results.

The character has been played by Josh Brolin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to a combination of motion-capture technology and CGI. The actor recently revealed how he was unaware that he would play such a vital part of the production on set.

"It's fun, man. The thing is, I thought it was like a voice-over, and it's not. Everything was practical," the actor noted to Variety. "Every scene was with everybody who I had scenes with. They got the little idiosyncrasies, which were all stuff that we created, and it's a character who turned out to be sympathetic that nobody thought would be sympathetic and that was really nice. It turned into a multi-dimensional character and nobody thought it was supposed to be."

Avengers: Endgame lands in theaters on Friday.


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