Avengers: Endgame Creative Team Reveals Thanos Reverse-Engineers Pym Particles

Avengers: Endgame may have seen Earth's Mightiest Heroes do whatever it took in order to bring back those lost in Infinity War's snap as well as defeat Thanos, preventing him from carrying out even more extreme devastation, but the victory left fans with a lot of questions. One common question involves the logistics of how Thanos managed to his spaceship and army through the Quantum Realm, especially with the extremely limited supply of Pym Particles. Now, however, we have a definitive answer: Thanos pretty much reverse-engineers them.

On the commentary track of Avengers: Endgame, the film's creative team specifically addresses the issue. As fans may recall, Past Nebula steals the Pym Particles from Future Nebula and hands them off to Thanos. But while there's enough to get Past Nebula into the future posing as the "good" version of herself, there's definitely not enough for Thanos to stage a time travel-facilitated assault, but according to Joe Russo, that's where Thanos comes in.

"Now, the obvious assumption being that, Thanos who has a spaceship that can carry his army throughout the galaxy and conquer planets can also figure out how..." Russo said.

"Science up a little..." writer Stephen McFeely suggested.

"Add some Pym Particles... with his magician who can move matter," Russo said, with McFeely nothing it was probably best not to dwell on it.

It's an explanation that checks out. Thanos is very intelligent of his own accord, but if you add Ebony Maw into the equation, it actually makes a good deal of sense that the two could fairly quickly replicate Pym Particles on a large scale. After all, Thanos' is very technologically advanced and the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes it pretty clear that Earth may not be quite on the level of some galactic others. The discovery and use of Pym Particles may be a huge scientific achievement on Earth, but it may be a little less complex for Thanos and Ebony Maw.

Reframing Thanos and Ebony Maw as scientific geniuses isn't the only intellect-related reveal on Endgame's commentary track, either. It also turns out that Rocket Raccoon is pretty high on the genius list as well. Midway through the film, as Rocket, Iron Man, and Hulk attempt to make the second Infinity Gauntlet, Russo gave Rocket a major accolade.

"It takes Eitri, you know... and a legendary forge to make the first glove," Russo said. "And it takes Banner, Tony, and Rocket to make the second one. Three of the scientific geniuses of the Marvel Universe."

Are you satisfied by the explanation of how Thanos was able to bring his ship and army through the Quantum Realm? Let us know in the comments below.

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