'Avengers: Endgame' Fan Theory Suggests the Universe Has Actually Been Split in Two

At this point, when we are still in the full shadow of what Avengers: Endgame will be all about, it's almost becoming a betting game worthy of Vegas, predicting which of the many Marvel fan theories about the film will turn out to be true. This latest theory we have to share is one of the more wild ideas out there - so if it indeed turns out to be the case, consider our minds blown! 🤯

The theory (which you can seen drawn out visually, below), basically posits that "The Snap" wasn't actually a process of eliminating half of life in the universe in order to preserve resources; it was actually a schism, where two universe were created, each abundant with resources, and life was split between the two, as a way of creating balance. Therefore, the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes (and all other lifeforms) that were "dusted" in The Snap, were transported to this other universe, while the original Avengers were simply left behind to occupy the original MCU reality. It's further proposed that the Quantum Realm will be a sort of bridge between these two realities. The theory speculates that Ant-Man (or could it be Captain Marvel?) will be the key to merging these two separate realities back into one, bringing about monumental changes to the MCU that will open the door to a very different Phase 4 and beyond.

This theory isn't just random guesswork by a Marvel Comics fan: it's actually grounded in some very real scientific theories about Quantum Mechanics - specifically, Quantum superposition. To (try) and keep things simple: Quantum superposition theorizes that an atom can exist in two different positions at the same time, or in two different states (excited or not excited) at the same time. The trick is that when observed, that same atom only appears to be in one position or state, at whatever random interval it happens to be observed. It also feeds into other theories like Schrödinger's equations or the law of Conservation of Energy, which are both very relevant to this current conversation.

Leaving that reductive science alone for a second: this idea of Quantum superposition would apply to Avengers: Endgame in the sense that because of Thanos' actions, the MCU would exist in two positions, in two different states, all at once - even if the inhabitants of one reality cannot perceive the other. Therefore, Endgame would chronicle how the surviving MCU heroes and/or Thanos become aware of this truth about what happened in The Snap, which starts a race merge the two universe back into one - or in Thanos' case, possibly stop that from happening.

The Russo Bros. have previously teased that Endgame could dip into some pretty heady areas like Quantum theory and metaphysics - and this theory is certainly on par with those ideas. Do you think it's a likely explanation for Avengers: Endgame? Let us know in the comments!

My Endgame theory in pictures, thought it would be easier to explain from r/marvelstudios