'Avengers: Infinity War' Creative Team Reveal Hysterical Way They Filmed Thanos Fight Scene

The Avengers: Infinity War fight between Thanos and Iron Man's team of heroes was one of the [...]

The Avengers: Infinity War fight between Thanos and Iron Man's team of heroes was one of the coolest sequences in the film, but actually creating it revealed a very different scenario.

The creative team behind the film, which consists of directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen Feely, broke down the reality behind the scene on the Infinity War commentary, and it all starts with Josh Brolin's headgear.

"On on this day, Brolin is wearing a skull helmet," McFeely revealed. Joe Russo revealed a bit more details about the headpiece, saying "He's wearing a strange foam headpiece that is the size of Thanos' head. So he's acting with this peculiar..."

Pom is touching that," McFeely said

In addition to the helmet, Joe Russo explained Brolin also has a camera right above his face. "We have a camera on his face and he's delivering this performance," Russo said, with Anthony adding "Helmet cam."

Markus also gave a bit of detail on Mantis (Pom Klementieff), who in the scene is perched on Thanos' shoulders. "And she's on ropes having been sort of lowered down to approximately... she's not actually sitting on him,' Markus said.

Anthony hopes that fans can see the filming themselves on the home video release. "Hopefully on this DVD, you will also have a scene that shows you how we shot this. Imagine Josh Brolin at the center of all this on set," Russo said.

"Yeah, wearing pajamas and a Thanos helmet, McFeely said.

A helmet cam and a motion capture suit wasn't the only thing Brolin had to deal with according to Anthony Russo.

"We had to put foam all over his body and his arm when they interact with it," Russo said. "There was foam all over his chest too so people don't get too close to him. We had to put his proper chest size around his body."

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