Marvel Studios Directors' Roundtable Clip: The Truth About Schwarma

Packed into the Avengers: Infinity War digital exclusive bonus feature is a Directors' Roundtable with Marvel Studios biggest behind-the-camera names. Above is an exclusive clip, detailing The Truth About Schwarma from Avengers director Joss Whedon.

"I made a joke that we should see them all eating schwarma for 30 seconds and then two months later, [Kevin Feige]'s like I think we could do it," Whedon says, in the company of Captain America: The Winter Solider directors Anthony & Joe Russo, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed, Iron Man director Jon Favreau, and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.

"So, you did a post-credits scene that you filmed after the premiere?" Favreau mentions.

"Yes, that's the legend," Whedon said. "It did not go out in Europe because we didn't have time. It was while we were during press after the premiere, at the hotel. There was a schwarma place like three blocks away. He got everybody in there."

Of course, the cast had wrapped production on The Avengers months prior to the premiere, meaning some had grown facial hair or otherwise changed their look. "Evans had a beard so they put like, it looked like Dick Tracy, a giant jaw on him," Whedon said.

While the work seems to never be truly over for a Marvel Studios director, this is something Black Panther director Coogler appreciates deeply.

"That's also something I love," Coogler said. "You hear stories like about, 'Y'all, you gonna work up to the last second.' But it's like a double edged sword. Anything is possible, even if you get a late in the game idea but you also are gonna not sleep for four months. Having Nate iss great because I'm constantly asking like, 'When did y'all do this thing?' He's like, 'I guess that we were like two weeks from having the pre-master.'"


"It's not healthy," Ant-Man and The Wasp director Peyton Reed chimed in.

"It's not," Coogler responds. "It's not but at the same time, I feel like we all got those stories where you throw something crazy out and Kevin's like, 'Yo, we could do that!'"

The full 30-minute Directors' Roundtable video will be attached to Avengers: Infinity War's digital release arriving on July 31. Avengers: Infinity War will also arrive on Blu-ray August 14.