'Avengers: Infinity War' Is The Most Human Of The Marvel Movies According To Anthony Mackie

Marvel star Anthony Mackie says Avengers: Infinity War is 'going to be very different,' calling it [...]

Marvel star Anthony Mackie says Avengers: Infinity War is "going to be very different," calling it the "most human" Marvel movie yet.

"There are gonna be a lot of shocking moments, and I think the fans are gonna get more than they expect out of this movie, from all the characters," Mackie told Entertainment Tonight during a summer 2017 visit to the Infinity War set.

"I think this is the most human of the Avengers movies, of all the Marvel movies, so I think you'll be really surprised to see how normal these superheroes can be."

Captain America: Civil War deeply fractured Earth's mightiest heroes, giving way to a schism that has yet to be repaired. Mackie uses a basketball reference to explain the Avengers going into Infinity War, saying they're "kinda like the Cleveland Cavaliers."

"You have Lebron James, you have Kyrie Irving, you have Kevin Love... and it hurts because we're so fractured, and once we come together, I think we can win four games in a row and take on the title," Mackie said.

During a visit to the set last summer, ComicBook.com learned Infinity War is a "direct corollary to the end of Civil War," as told by director Joe Russo.

"You're coming into this film with the ramifications of that film at the forefront of this movie," he said, explaining where the team is at when they're called upon to reunite to save the entire universe.

Star Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, said his brainy Bruce Banner will be tasked with warning the splintered heroes of what's headed their way — namely the villainous Thanos, who terrifies even the Hulk.

"He comes in screaming bloody murder. He's seen what damage [Thanos] can cause and how powerful he is," Ruffalo said of Banner's return to Earth after years away.

"The entire group is in disarray, so there's also getting caught up on what's happened here. He's trying to get them to transcend their differences and impress upon them how much danger they're actually facing."

Should they both survive Infinity War and the subsequent Avengers 4, Mackie and co-star Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes, are game to team-up for their own Falcon/Bucky spinoff movie.

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27.