'Avengers: Infinity War' Toy Leak Reveals Close-Up Look At Thor's New Weapon

Thor may be living large after his latest solo film hit it off with critics, but the hero [...]

Thor may be living large after his latest solo film hit it off with critics, but the hero doesn't have it all together. After all, the God of Thunder did lose his precious hammer during his spat with Hela, and he cannot go up against Thanos unarmed. Luckily, Thor will get a new weapon in time to take on the Mad Titan, and fans just got a close-up look at the piece.

Over on Reddit, a few toy leaks for Avengers: Infinity War made the rounds with fans. One of the toys shown was Thor's new hammer, but its box art has got fans curious. As you can see via the embed below, the artwork shows Chris Hemsworth's Thor wielding his brand-new weapon.

The leak shows a (two-eyed) Thor staring ahead with his hair cropped short and an axe held in his hand. While part of the weapon has been cut off, fans can clearly see the piece borrows from Ultimate Mjolnir's aesthetic. Its back-half looks very similar Thor's original hammer before it shapes into a full-fledged axe.

New look at Thor and his weapon via promo art/merchandise...(Possible Infinity War spoilers) from r/marvelstudios

Of course, the hammer does have one oddity if you look at it closely. The weapon's handle does not seem to match its overall design, but it does look an awful lot like Groot's arm. There is a chance the Guardian of the Galaxy grows a handle for Thor's new weapon, and a previous toy leak supports the theory.

Not long ago, a set of LEGO leaks went live for the Marvel film. One of them is called "The Search for Thor's Weapon" and contains figures of Thor, Rocket, and Groot. The trio are said to head to Nidavellir to get Thor the Dwarven-forced battle axe Jarnbjorn, so the Avenger won't have to fight Thor with his bare hands. That is, unless he wants to...

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Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on May 4th.

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