First Look at Ultron's Return in Avengers: Quantum Encounter

Avengers: Quantum Encounter has brought back Ultron for their wild show on the Disney Wish. The cruise ship is bringing Marvel heroes to visitors and fans are showing off footage from the show online. Marvel Multiverse shows Ant-Man and the Wasp have been experimenting with Quantum technology out at sea. Ultron attacks and wants to steal it for himself. (Ross Marquand voices the villain just like on Disney+ instead of James Spader.) In response, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel all come running to help ward off the robot army. Brie Larson's Carol Danvers appears for the first time since Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' post-credit scene. Anthony Mackie also returns as Cap for the first time since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as well. Check out the big reunion blowout right here down below.

Ultron's last appearance in the MCU was What If…? Season 1. ScreenRant spoke to head writer AC Bradley about why they chose Ultron.

"Well, I think any comic book lover knows Ultron in the comics is absolutely terrifying," Bradley said. "Age of Ultron is great but was only one movie and at times, to me, it didn't seem to give that classic villain enough screen time that I would have given him. [laughs] We can only fit so much in those movies. This was our opportunity to show what Ultron is capable of. And also, now as we're hitting Phase 4, we have the Infinity Stones in play, we have the Multiverse, so what would happen if Ultron got the Infinity Gauntlet? How bad would it get? And it's quite easy to jump to complete devastation!"

Here's how Marvel describes the ride on the ship: "Fans and guests of the Disney Wish can enter the Worlds of Marvel attraction and step into Avengers: Quantum Encounter where while dining, they'll get a presentation of amazing hero technology such as Iron Man's Arc Reactor, Captain America's shield and of course Ant-Man's Pym Particles. The experience is enhanced by a series of screens surrounding guests with highlights from everyone's favorite Marvel Studios films."

"The experience comes to a climax in a hands-on presentation of the latest Pym technology, the Quantum Core, which enables the growing and shrinking of things. Of course, things never go as planned and with some "hilarious Ant-Man-style hijinks," the experience takes a turn as an unexpected villain arrives on the scene with their eye on stealing the technology. Thankfully, Ant-Man and the Wasp are on the scene with some help from Captain America, Captain Marvel and the fellow guests in attendance!"


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