Bad Boys for Life Directors Have Talked With Marvel Studios About Working Together

To say that the recently-released Bad Boys for Life has exceeded its expectations would be a [...]

To say that the recently-released Bad Boys for Life has exceeded its expectations would be a massive understatement. Not only did the new film give the franchise an emotional core that the first two films were sorely missing, winning over the hearts of fans and critics in the process, but it has also dominated its competition at the box office. Bad Boys for Life is the first surprise hit of the year, and its ability to balance humor, heart, and action in a franchise film while also delivering major monetary returns has caused the names of its young directors to pop up on major studios' radars. Yes, including Marvel Studios.

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah knocked their first studio feature out of the park, and Marvel was clearly impressed with the way they breathed new life into the Bad Boys franchise. During an exclusive interview with, El Arbi and Fallah confirmed that they've already spoken to the folks at Marvel about working together on a future project.

"Well there's nothing concrete. They just met us," said El Arbi. "The said they liked the movie and they just told us, 'Yo, what do you wanna do? Let's find something to work together on.' So there's nothing really planned yet, it was just like a meeting. But yeah, we'll see if we find something cool."

El Arbi and Fallah have yet to talk with Marvel about any particular story or character, nor have they really had any time to talk to one another about what potential projects they'd want to explore with the studio. As El Arbi went on to explain, there are plenty of different options on the table worth exploring, but the duo has been so busy with Bad Boys for Life that they haven't sat down and worked through what they'll bring up to Marvel.

"Now with Disney+ is has all evolved so much that there's so much you can do," the director told us. "You can do a movie or you can do a TV show. And we've been so busy with Bad Boys that we've not explored everything yet. So what we're going to do now, me and Bilall, is we're going to check out all they got and we'd love to find something to work with them on, but it's not yet clear what that would be."

Do you think El Arbi and Fallah will be a good fit for a new Marvel Studios project? What character would you like to see them work with? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Getty/Jemal Countess/Stringer