'Black Panther': City of the Dead Description

Fans will get to see the technological marvel that is Wakanda in Black Panther, but not every [...]

Fans will get to see the technological marvel that is Wakanda in Black Panther, but not every place within the awe-inspiring place is a high-tech wonderland.

One such place is the City of the Dead, known as the Necropolis. The sacred space is a place of reflection but also one of immense power, and production designer Hannah Beachler described to ComicBook.com during a set visit last year just how they brought the iconic landmark to life.

"The City of the Dead, we wanted to bring in this idea of Angkor Wat, we wanted to bring this very low tech, a lot of fire," Beachler said. "You really see that's where all our ancestors are, you see a lot of masks, all the panther masks and you see how they do a lot of their rituals as far as the heart-shaped herb, which you will see, it will be fabulous and wonderful. Then also the dream states that he goes into when he meets the ancestors."

The City of the Dead is where the previous Black Panthers are buried, creating a sacred place for the people of Wakanda as well as their current king. T'Challa is also able at times to draw upon those past King's strength, knowledge, and experience.

Later on, it would also serve as the Illuminati's headquarters, though it is unlikely to fill that role in the upcoming film. That said, there's always Phase 4 right?

Beachler refers to Angkor Wat as an inspiration for the design of Necropolis, which is a temple in Cambodia. It is actually the largest religious monument in the world and was built in the early 12th century as a Hindu temple.

Later it was transformed into a Buddhist temple, but regardless of who inhabits it, the temple is still an impressive sight. We can't wait to see Wakanda's unique spin on the iconic landmark.

Black Panther currently enjoys a 4.17 out of 5 on ComicBook.com's anticipation rankings, which places it in the #2 spot. You can submit your score for the upcoming film here.

Black Panther lands in theaters on February 16th.