'Black Panther' Experience Is Touring The Country

Black Panther will soon hit theaters, but before you check out the movie you can get a one of a [...]

Black Panther will soon hit theaters, but before you check out the movie you can get a one of a kind Black Panther experience right by your house.

Well, if you live in Canada that is. That's because Disney is touring the country with the Black Panther Experience, a traveling truck that features all sorts of cool things for fans to experience. In addition to the slick presentation and music from the soundtrack, fans can take a picture with a life-size replica of Black Panther himself.

Not a bad start, but there will also be a section of the vehicle that has the Vibranium mine, which acts as a stage for three different AR experiences. The first one they showed off puts Black Panther right next to you as if he was right there taking a selfie with you. The other two remain a mystery, but they are available to experience now.

The Vibranium mine leads to the wall of heroes, which shows most of the characters that will show up as part of Avengers: Infinity War. The wall features heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Groot, and Doctor Strange, but fans can also find a replica of Captain America's shield right next to it.

The tour will go across Ontario and Quebec and will be located at Blue Mountain this weekend, and you can see the experience in action in the video above.

Black Panther will play a big part in the overall lead up to Avengers: Infinity War, especially when you consider that Captain America and his team are currently housed on Wakanda after the events of Captain America Civil War. The scientists on Wakanda, specifically Shuri, are also hard at work attempting to deprogram the Winter Solider, and from the first trailer for Infinity War, it seems they were successful.

The first trailer also shows Wakanda's army as part of the cavalry, so expect plenty of ties to the upcoming epic when Black Panther finally hits theaters.

Black Panther lands in theaters on February 16.