'Black Panther' Fan Transcribes N'Jobu's Heartbreaking Journal

Of all the big movie franchises in existence, the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have the most [...]

Of all the big movie franchises in existence, the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have the most dedicated of all the fanbases. Day after day, the MCU faithful spend time digging through past films, trying to peek into every nook and cranny for new and exciting secrets. Today, it's Black Panther that gets a fresh look.

Remember the scene in Black Panther where Killmonger takes the Heart-Shaped Orb, and he goes back to his father's apartment in Oakland? Killmonger reads his father's journal to figure out what to do next and what purpose he could fulfill as king of Wakanda. Until now, that has simply been a journal entry to further the plot, but one Marvel fan has paused and studied the writing, transcribing its contents for all of us to read.

As expected, the entry is a letter to N'Jobu's son, N'Jadaka. Here's what it says:

"Ungubani? Who are you? I asked this question of myself many times. Often times, I do not know. But I do know I am no longer the man my country knew. Maybe love? My son?

"It has all changed me. T'Chaka must see what we can do, how we can change the course of time for the people who struggle so much in this land. Strangers to me, but my brothers and sisters still. How can I look at them, with the same skin as me, stolen from the same place I came from and not reach out to them? How can I sit idly by and watch in pain and return to Wakanda as if there was nothing to see at all?

Who am I? A war dog who will not leave the lost tribe behind again. Who are you, my son? You will ask this one day and know the answer: N'Jadaka, son of N'Jobu."

black panther njobu journal
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

This letter solidified Killmonger's belief that he did belong not only in Wakanda, but in charge of it. He knew better than anyone how both people in Wakanda, and people in poverty existed. After reading this letter, he was more sure than ever before that he could lead nations.

What do you think of N'Jobu's letter? Will the spirits of these characters play a role in the Black Panther sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Black Panther is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD. It's also streaming on Netflix, along with a couple of other Marvel Studios movies. Ryan Coogler will return to write and direct the Black Panther sequel, though no release date for that film has been announced.