Black Widow: O-T Fagbenle Mason And Natasha's Relationship (Exclusive)

Black Widow introduced O-T Fagbenle to Marvel audiences with his character Mason. The character [...]

Black Widow introduced O-T Fagbenle to Marvel audiences with his character Mason. The character seems to be a live-action version of Rick Mason from comics (which you can learn more about here) but some audiences thought there might be some romance brewing, even if it was a one-sided attempt. There was no kiss at the end moment, no indication that Natasha Romanoff needs a relationship or man to draw strength from, or anything of the sort of trope which would've been more likely to plague such a movie in years passed. According to Fagbenle, "the movie is bigger than that."

Fagbenle talked with for an exclusive interview ahead of the release of Black Widow. When asked why it was so important not to have Mason and Natasha form any sort of romantic relationship, Fagbenle had a quick answer. "The movie is bigger than that, I think," Fagbenle said. "And just going into those old tropes, our great producers of writer and director, that's not what this story is about, which is stories about family and our chosen family. The difference between your biological family, your logical family, the people you choose to have in your life. And in some ways, although there is a kind of intimacy between them, it was important to know that that relationship is part of family as well."

This also falls in line with what Black Widow star and executive producer Scarlett Johansson wanted to see out of this movie as well. After years of the character being sexualized on screen, the actress explained to press on the film's set that she is glad to see Natasha be taken more seriously independently.

Audiences who watched Black Widow (and there have been many audiences) have seemingly only scratched the surface on this new character of Mason. Fagbenle has his own ideas for the future of his Mason. Fagbenle admits he would love to see his character work with, "the whole Black Panther community," but also has ideas for another great team up. "My number one might be Deadpool," Fagbenle said. "I think Deadpool could probably do with a bit of help."

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