Blade Star Explains How He Made the Role Happen

Not only did Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones audition for the eponymous role in Spike TV's Blade: The Series, the rapper-turned-actor tells us he flat-out manifested the role. In fact, as the actor says, he stayed home from an all-expenses-paid trip to Chile just so he could be all his energy into this one role. After all, only one person — the great Wesley Snipes — had played the Daywalker before.

"I used my superpowers and manifested getting. Let me explain to you," Jones tells us. "I was doing this other TV series with the Bochcos, all right, Jesse Bochco and Steven Bochco. They had this series called Over There. It was about the Iraq war. We had just finished our first season and all the cast members were excited to find out if we were going to get picked up for season two."

Long story short, the series didn't get picked up for a second season and the filmmakers behind the show opted to treat the entire cast to a "five-star, first-class" trip to Chile. Jones opted not to go, all in order to get ready for his audition.

"I say, "You know what? Screw this. Not only am I not going on vacation, I'm staying here for the audition I might not even get, but I'm going to get it,'" he adds. "And my powers and manifestation at that point were so strong and magnetic that I had no choice but to get the role. I was the perfect fit and had the perfect voice."

As it turns out, Jones even beat out Spawn star Michael Jai White for the role.

"Michael John White auditioned too," the actor reminds us. "Basically, it was down to me and him. I was pretty decent at that time because the gym rat was still in me. But he's in the audition in the lobby with his shirt off, flexing and doing all this reading. And I'll say, no disrespect to Michael John White, but I'm going to beat him with the acting chops. That's my dude, by the way, so don't get it twisted."

All 13 episodes of Blade: The Series are now streaming on Tubi. Marvel's Blade reboot has yet to set a release date.

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